We provide sheltered housing for people of retirement age, catering for the more needy members of the community.  We have 18 single flats and 20 double flats located in Norsey Road and Jacksons Lane Billericay.  They all have one bedroom, a living room, kitchen and bathroom; the double flats are slightly larger and are intended for couples.


Application for a tenancy is open to residents of Billericay or those with close family who live in Billericay – younger people who would like their parents living locally for example. All flats are for rent including a service charge which covers heating, water, maintenance of gardens and property and the costs associated with a full time resident warden.

We must emphasise that we are not a care home, and although we expect incoming tenants to have the normal aches and pains associated with later years, our flats are for people who can live an independent life, looking after themselves with the support of their families. 

Our Warden lives on site and she is available from 9 to 5 pm on weekdays.  When she is not available support is provided by Chubb careline through the personalised monitoring system installed in all flats.


The Mackenzie Hall is a lovely community area where residents can meet up and enjoy the various activities that the tenants themselves arrange, so if you are feeling like some company this is the place to be, but if you want to stay in your own cosy flat, that is fine too.

We have a separate Guest Room with twin beds and a bathroom which can be used for short stays by friends and relatives of our tenants for a modest nightly charge.




There are large, beautiful lawns and lots of flower beds.  Tenants can tend a small piece of garden if they wish to, and many do, although we do employ a gardener.

We are located just a short walk from the High Street but also provide a twice weekly bus to the centre of Billericay exclusively for tenants.



The Association has a Management Committee comprising local people and tenant representatives. The Committee give their time freely and always in the best interest of the tenants and the Association.